The Two Hard Things in Software Development with Benedikt Deicke

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Today, we’re joined by Benedikt Deicke, co-founder and CTO of Userlist. He talks to us about why naming things and cache invalidation are hard, why it’s a good idea to denormalize your data sometimes, and more.
  • (01:28) - What is Userlist?
  • (02:10) - Userlist’s tech stack
  • (04:40) - You don’t always have to normalize your data
  • (12:27) - Naming things is hard
  • (14:01) - Cache invalidation is hard
  • (18:28) - How Userlist maintains data accuracy
  • (29:24) - How Benedikt developed their real-time reporting engine
  • (32:49) - Database consistency
  • (37:14) - Benedikt’s tall tale about deleting large data

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