DATA in the Wild

Learn from your favorite indie hackers as they share hard-earned lessons and tall tales from their data model journeys!

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Two-sided Marketplaces with Anna Maste

Today, we’re joined by Anna Maste, exited founder of Boondockers Welcome and current founder of Subscribe Sense. She talks to us about what you need to be mindful of when building two-sided marketplaces, why it’s important to make many-to-one relatio

Episode 338 minutes

SaaS Pricing and Data Models with Pierre de Wulf

Today we talk to Pierre de Wulf, the technical co-founder of ScrapingBee. He talks to us about how they arrived at 36 different pricing data types, the difference between plans and subscriptions, and more.ScrapingBeeFollow Pierre on TwitterFollow Scr

Episode 225 minutes

Permissions, Scopes & Roles with Monica Lent

Today, we’re joined by Monica Lent, founder of Affilimate. She talks to us about why you should always start with an array, the importance of storing data in the right format and database from the beginning, and more.AffilimateCheck out Monica’s webs

Episode 130 minutes

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The hosts

Queen Raae and Captain Ola

Raae wrote her first HTML in 1997 after her Norwegian teachers encouraged her to take the new elective class.

Around the same time, Ola bought a Macintosh SE for his high school with the proceeds from the school newspaper he started.

These days you find them building web apps live on stream, and doing developer marketing work for clients.

They are both passionate about the web as a platform and the joy of creating your own thing.

Visit to learn more.

Season 1

Brought to you by Xata

Xata is the only serverless data platform for PostgreSQL. Develop applications faster knowing your data layer is ready to evolve and scale with your needs.

Season 2

Brought to you by ???

In Season 2 we’d like to deep dive into proven data model patterns for common scenarios such as users, organizations, subscriptions, permissions, notifications etc.

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